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"Fellow Nigerians, the entire Nigerian scene is very bleak indeed. So bleak people ask me where do we begin? I know what great things you expect of me at this New Dawn. As I have said many times in my extensive travels in the country, I am not a miracle worker. It will be foolish to underrate the task ahead. Alone, I can do little." -Olusegun Obasanjo (May 29 1999.)
"Very bleak" in 1999, what do we say in 2013, how clearer or even bleaker has it become? (The answer rings in all our minds).
Obasanjo stated openly that he was not a "Miracle Worker" ...NIGERIA NEEDS A MIRACLE TO BE FIXED isn't it?
With the 2015 General (S)elections around the corner, in what is expected to usher Nigeria into another republic, a spate of confusion in the polity, power play, political witch-hunting amongst other things are the recent characteristic features of the Nigerian scene. Every action and political decisions seem to be bearing the 2015 regime in mind and sight. All…

(SHAPE) "Shortest Absolute Poetic-Prayer Ever."

"Give me the WHATs; unto Thee alone I leave the HOWs.
En-grace me to put away my IFs; and ponder the more on your WILLs.
Grow me up until the WHENs & WHATs matter no more, but Thee".-TW™

Whats - Substance/Blessing
How's - How/Process
IFs - Doubts
WILLs - Promises
WHENs - Time/Timing
THEE - God
Recite as many times as this continues to strike your innermost being.


Idealism vs. RealismFrom time immemorial, the battle between the Idealists and Realist existed. The bulk of the contentions and disagreement in the world today still take their roots from the unending battle of these two kinds of beings.
Always at logger-heads with their views, don't blame either, it just the way they are.
Families have been torn appart, friends parted ways, nations have splitted in to various countries, as the centre cannot old where these two sit atop the leadership of a particular place (especially at the same or near same time).
It's always and forever will be a life of arguments and contention between these two, very rarely do they com to terms. I wish they learnt to be who they are, things could have been a lot more easier to mend, but unfortunately, they grew into what they were meant to be. As long as you couldn't stop their growth, you wouldn't be stopping their idealistic and realistic nature.
In order for us to be able to differentiate betwe…

"The WORlD"

...The WORlD obviously was made by words, and till today, its governed by same.
I looked through all that marvels me in the creation story, only to find the recurring words; "Then He SAID...".
There couldn't have been a world without a word.
There couldn't have been a you, a me, if He hadn't spoken.
With the power of words creation was made possible,
With the power of words, life was called into existence and even more by it, lives today are manipulated, as it is nothing remains the same in the world of they that 'speak'.
Little wonder status quo holds only in the world of the dumbs and numbs. Over here, the story is different, change is inevitable as long as words don't remain unspoken or unwritten.
Words are strong
Words take life, and give it all at the same time.
...The Almighty saw the essence, and he optimized it.
Men became aware of its potency, hence they exploited it.
Then it took The Almighty again to warn; "There's life &…

If My Mobile Phone/Gadget Could Speak For Itself...!

A question for one, a question for all.

With the advent of new technology the way of communication is also changed. In very early days of history, pigeons were used as means of communication. Later, written messages are sent through letters by post. As the time passed, telephone came into existence and today is the era of wireless communication which gives rise to mobile phones. Mobiles are the latest invention and common way to communicate now-a-days.
Mobile phones are long range, portable and wireless electronic device of communication. A few years back, when mobile phones were not so common, the device was expensive and communication costs pretty good to the user. But in last a few years as the use of mobiles increased, their cost is decreased considerably and this factor helped a lot to make them available for common men. Mobile phones are now inexpensive, easy to use, and comfortable and equ…

The Wordsmith Goes Temporarily Offline.

Dear Esteemed blog readers, yours faithfully got dispossessed of his mobile phones and some other communication gadgets, and for this reason will need sometime to bounce back. Thanks for your loyalty thus far. I hope to be back in the shortest possible time.

Indeed and In-Truth -A WORKER'S DAY


Today, I raise my cup, to the workers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria:
Today I salute the Men, Women, young adults and even shamefully under-aged children, who work, claw and break sweat just to earn a decent wage and make a honest living
Today, I duff my hat to those Generals up and about this nation (from Ketu to Kuru and from Ikeja to Lokoja) Men and women who have dedicate themselves to honest efforts and righteous ventures- those who have chosen to reap only that which was sown and to earn only what they are duly due
Today, I choose to recognise their efforts, I choose to celebrate their doggedness and I am determined to raise high these special classes of people whose rewards until now have been nothing but scorn, shame and ill-repute

To start with, Nigeria is unlike any nation of the world
With natural resources that rivals many rich nations like American and human capital that is literarily unimaginable in depth and promise, it is …