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You Didn't Deserve To Die, I Didn't Deserve Your Life.

"Though you knew the world won't receive you, you still gave your life to try. Wonderful Jesus, how can I fathom you!" -TW™
What a burden you chose to carry, what a load of Sin.
Without my burden, you rode on a donkey, with mine and the whole world's upon you, you decided walking on your feet was better.
What manner of man are you? You saw us kill you, yet you allowed it, for you, anything will do, just as long as it'll please the Father.
The bruises and the stripes alone was good enough, if it was just about the shedding of blood, you gave it in good quantity through the torture suffered in the hands of the Roman soldiers, you really did not need to die.
This was more, this was great, in fact, "Greater love than this no man can give". You paid it all, you laid your life, you paid the ultimate price that I might live.
Rejected and abandoned, yet all you saw was me.
Disgraced, crucified and killed for a crime you had no hand in, yet all you saw was the…

Understanding Body Language.

"If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the body is the mirror of our feelings. If we are feeling great it shows in how we hold and use our body. Conversely, if we look at someone else’s body we can often tell how they are feeling by the signals their body is giving. When it comes to dating, using/reading body language signals is a great tool.
In case you don’t think learning how to read and use body language is important, here are some statistics retrieved from my recent finding, courtesy: The boss himself, Philip Redhead.
7% of the information we receive is from what they actually say. 38% of information we receive is from the tone, inflection and speed of their voice. A staggering 55% of the information we receive is from their body language. These non-verbal signals will help you in dealing with the person but stay focussed on what the person is saying. If you focus too much on their body language signals, you and/or the other person may feel uncomfortable. …

To 'serve' or To 'serve'?

Wanting to be a female Corp Member without wearing trousers; how reasonable?
Haven laid hold of Tolu (The decamped corps member)'s story and reasons for being obstinate about wearing the khaki trouser, I felt we should look deeply into the matter and plot a way forward from here.

"Tolulope, who was expelled from the nysc orientation camp last week said that wearing of trousers negate her Christian belief and values which she could not compromise.

She said, “I had a dream when I was 10 years. God appeared to me through a scripture that as a child of God, I must abstain from men’s wears and since then I have taken cognizance of it. And my parents know this as well.”

“Before I had the dream, I never wore trousers and even after the dream, up till now. I have not wore trousers. I explained everything to the leadership of the NYSC but they said the penalty for not wearing the khaki trousers is by being decamped.

“I faced a panel and I was directed to submit all the kits that…


It's beyond the cover, I tell you, it's beyond the cover,
You may think you're seeing it all, but it's beyond the cover.
The beauty of the glowing sun cannot compare to what it goes through to get that hot, radiant and gay. It's beyond what you see, I tell you it's beyond the cover.
The ocean and high seas look so blue and attractive at first look, probe to know what goes on deep down inside, then you'll realize without mistaking, it's beyond the cover.
The night falls, darkness come, and mankind goes to sleep. In the quiet of the night, creatures walk, creatures talk, creatures creep, creatures fall. Many things go right or wrong, but it's night is what you know, that it's night is what you see, *Deep Sigh* I tell you this, it's beyond the cover.
Man was made for all to see, but his inside was made for none to see. His words, acts and deeds remain the only clue to what's truly him, all we see, touch and feel are nothing but what is cal…


“Am too tired to fight, yet too learned to run. There’s no other day to die, but today”
These words rung severely in my head like a ‘school-over’ bell, as I engaged in, for the fourth time, what I term to be “The fight of my life”.
It is a long existing idea that man can live to “Die Another Day” but the pain of it today is that this concept is often mis-used than used. More confused a phrase than understood, more nowadays a defence on the lips of cowards.
Ian Fleming produced a 007 classic in 2002 titled “Die Another Day”.
“Pierce Brosnan the fictional James Bond was on a mission to North Korea, when he was betrayed after seemingly killing a rogue North-Korean colonel. He was captured and imprisoned. More than a year later, he was released as part of a prisoner exchange. His quest became to earn redemption, by finding his betrayer and killing a North-Korean agent he believes was involved in his torture… (Okay I know you're feeling the storyline, but Let's save the details *S…

How BIG Is Your Excuse?

How Big is Your Excuse

Until 1875, a thousand and one swimmers had cast their wide reaching gazes on the seemingly endless stretch of the English Channel and wished that they would be the first to swim across it. Everybody else used boats to travel across this massive water body. There was record to be set and but everybody seemed to look only at the often challenging tides and other creatures that lurked dangerously beneath the water body until Mathew Webb approached it with the kind of boldness with which a lion approaches a prey - with carefulness, boldness and determination and became the first man to swim across the English channel without any external support even in the scary face of so much difficulties. It wasn’t until he swam across it that everybody began to realize that they could have done it, had they tried. Today even twenty years olds take swimming across this channel as a regular exercise.

Do you hate your status quo? Do you hate the condition life has presented befo…

MegaNet Reschedules Chat -(This Is Obviously A Scam)

I remember vividly some of MegaNet's advocates by the names "Oscar Preye and Tope Alabi" reported via comments made on my blog, that they were at the venue of MegaNet's supposed chat last wednesday at the stated venue in Unilag? They even claimed they secured the 'opportunity' (Job).
Now these criminals will have to explain to Nigerians their outfit's latest stand.
Dear readers the bellow is MegaNet Resource Ltd's notice of a reschedule. Now who's fooling who?
Dear Applicant,

Your recent chat invitation with the HRM of MegaNet Resources Limited has been reschedule to 5th March 2013 (Tuesday) as a result of the questions and answers that arouse from the invited applicant that was selected for a CHAT with the HRM in other to verify the credibility of the company/job due to the FACT that a N2, 200 (Medical Fee) was imposed on them.

We are Human Resources Consulting Organization with RC 1523321. Our head office is located at 26, Church Rd, Ikorodu Lag…

That (il)legal Tender.

"A huge number of humans have their Truth-Reserve/account either fat or static. We rarely withdraw nor spend from it, and will rather run life's transactions with that (il)legal tender, LIES". -TW™
Its not so amazing today how accepted, tolerated, and infact enjoyed (in the actual sense) lies are. Little wonder I chose to coin it as "(il)legal Tender". Illegal tender in every sense of it, yet legal tender judging by the widespread acceptance and employment of it.
Why Account?
Account owing to the fact that we know the truth, identify it, gather it, but yet fail to employ it, resulting to a mere build up (Account/Reserve) in our hearts, while refusing to spend/transact with it.
Note: Truth spent yields even more dividends that truth stored.
Why Lie?
The "cover my/your arse" mentality/syndrome has taken the good-life over from us, I wonder why on God's earth we left our arses open in the first place, and who told us lies truly covers anyone's a…