Where Is Our Brother "Do It Right"? -Family Member

These 3-words put in a sentence, is what the world needs.
Clearly now, we can see, what the world breeds.
Lost are the days when things were done with fear and utmost courtesy.
Tired of asking questions, everyone just does it as they see fit.
Tired of due process, everyone now does it, the way it suits them.
...We used to have a brother, his name was "Do it right". He was the first seed of our mother, and in-fact, the only reason she had more.
I couldn't comprehend the kind of being he was, "Do it right" was everywhere, he made his presence felt, and endeared his life to many.
He influenced as many as he was with, he became us, we became him, and everybody was "Do it right".
His life remained a challenge to all, he was more CONCERNED ABOUT THE PROCESS THAN THE PRODUCT.
He will never cut corners.
He was more CONCERNED ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAN THINGS. He never substitute wrongly, one in place of the other, he was such a concerned friend.
He was careful with his dealings, his touch on every matter was finicky, leaving no stones un-turned.
He touched our lives, we loved our new lives, this feeling made everything right.
He was the trust that all was well, and the hope there was more to come, he was indeed the pride of man.
He was a model you couldn't deny.
When he talks, he talks it right.
When he walks, he walks it right.
When he plays, he plays it right.
When he works, he works it right.
When he does business, he does it right.
When he runs a family, he runs it right.
When he heads an office, he heads it right.
When he goes to the market, he portrays himself right.
When he does politics, he does it right.
Whatever was handed to him to do, he does right.
You will never find him EXCHANGING MONEY FOR FAVOUR.
You will never find him want to/or JUMP PROTOCOLS.
You will never find him PROMISE WHAT HE WILL NOT DO.
He was such a person to look up to, this fact I can't deny.
Marveling about what man our brother has grown to become, I asked him a question. I said to him; "Do it right" why are you like this?
Then he gave back to me a straight reply, saying; brother why should I not be like this?
It was a question in place of a question, and it didn't resolve my puzzle. I looked pale, downcast and defeated, once again I can't understand him, even as much as I would love to be like him (I said to myself).
Then again, he looked at me and said to me, "I've lived my whole life on one basic principle, "FEAR GOD, AND LOVE MAN", and that is the reason I'm like this.
My jaw dropped, and for 5-minutes wouldn't pick up, it was like a door left open. "FEAR GOD, AND LOVE MAN" I reiterated.
So simple a sentence, yet so much a matter to consider.
The sun went down that day, as I returned home to meditate on my lesson for the day, maybe a life, for it was, sadly the last day I set my eyes upon our brother.
We searched the whole place, and in-fact we are still in the search, hoping to find our brother, and its been centuries now.
Who on God's earth has kept him away from us?
There's no gain-say in the fact that he became a part of our lives, and people loved him so.
Some say he diffused into air and found himself a new place of habitation in every heart, but there are traces he was abducted and killed by those whose feet he trampled upon in a bid to do as his name implied.
This(the later) I hope is not so, I'll rather believe he was abducted, and now lost somewhere. I know he can/will still be found and returned to us.
Like every of our family member, I'm hoping to rise one day to see our brother again, come to make all things right. But until then, I won't seize to cry aloud, search high and low, heart and soul, man to man, woman to woman, everything and everyone I set my eyes upon, asking them my million-dollar question; WHERE IS "DO IT RIGHT" in you?
The Wordsmith™
(C) 2013.


  1. Bimbaby09:53

    We(humans)have either lost him, let him go, killed him, or still have him in us. Pray we do as he did -Fear God and Love Man. Nice one dear, well done.


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