"Diarrhoea of The Finger"

"You discover a free software/application and you in-turn lose to it vital information of yourself, your friends, your family, your likes, dislikes, even most times, you let out where you are at every point in time. I'm sitting, am standing, receiving lectures, am on the plane, off to the UK, on the beach. In-fact giving out befitting photos to match your claim. Lucky you, this part of the world where we live in is only just getting "blessed" with intelligent criminal minds who'll find a man/woman out wherever they are through the use of information gathered carefully from their moments of carelessness. All in the name of status updates and messages, we let out details the public need not know". -Anonymous
Permit me please, if these lines put together sounds like parables to you.
There's an urgent need to put a check to what and what not you let loose to the general public (friends you call them), because this little toys given us as dividends of technological advancements will turn out to be the very pivot tool that will lead many to their heaven or hell advancement(Death).
All in the name of fighting terror, the world is now in error. A man's life is monitored all about the place,with CCTV's stationed everywhere that is somewhere. In the banks, stores, offices, cinemas, hospital, schools, airports, eateries, i bet we'll soon have some in conveniences. There's hardly any privacy in our world today, and it saddens me to see some lose carelessly the little they've got opportunity to protect. Now there's hardly a thing you do without being monitored. Funnily, they came up with a new one, and nicely called it "Following", and it puts to us in a small column, a question "What's happening?", which many follow literary, telling their lives exactly and precisely even when they have got the power to refrain from its use, or simply share strictly non private details. Capitalizing on the looseness of many,some have now turned 'following' into stalking. We've got to be careful, and we've got to be it right early, for you hardly can tell anyone's intentions. Well they say "if you don't have anything to hide, you really don't have to fear". But I tell you, you'll be better of not subscribing to any of these social media platforms, than lose your life to and because of them. I'll save you examples, I know you have them already.
We shouldn't be quick to forget there was a reason for the invention of the word "Privacy" and hence the strength of its definition;
"Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves and thereby reveal themselves SELECTIVELY. Sadly a lot of us (Young and Old) are carelessly revealing all to All.
This article may not appeal to all, for some are now far addicted to bringing their private lives right to the doorsteps of everyone; (Friends, Contacts, Chat partners and so on as we call them), in the name of status updates, careless tweets, Personal messages, Display pictures and other subtle forms of profiling.
The same are the ones making me want to consider a possibility of the term "Diarrhoea of The Finger"
Its apparent some actually have lost control of their control mechanisms.
I identify this day, with a chosen few whose hearts will feel my views and i cry help for those whose life's are lost and now out of their own hands, believing that a life re-construction work can be set rolling again.
Its amazing to know how innocent and familiar they sound; I mean the names of places, locations and environment where many gave their lives away on a platter of availability of sufficient; Battery power, BIS, Data bundles, Phones, Internet facilities, and various Computer devices.
...Some's lost it on Facebook, some lost it on Twitter, some are by now losing it on BBM, and some others losing it on Netlog, while some others have chosen to sell it out on Hi-5, Youtube, Yahoomessenger, Linked-in, etc. I tell you, the list today is endless.
Goodness me! See what we've done to ourselves,"Is there still something/ an activity i can boast has remained personal to me since the craze of the social media and instant messaging caught up with me?" Its rhetorical, a question to be answered by one from deep within. It'll gladen my heart to see some beat their chests, boldly confirming they haven't let all loose already.
To convince/change the addicted with this piece, I know is an herculian task, as a note will not contain all my heart has got to pour, and it still hasn't been given to man to change another man. But i'll take it in good faith, hoping these sincere and harmless words can help commence a rehabilitation and eventual cure of "Diarrhoea of The Finger".
Am right here and now drawn into the deepest of soliloquy, asking myself deep questions like;
I must be open enough to create a space in this piece to let you know I'm an advocate of IM and IT, and that this exposure (Social Networking, Instant messaging, and Information Technology in general) has led to a number technological advancements, human capacity development, re-connection with lost loved ones etc, to mention a few. And all these has brought about so much benefits to mankind. Well, ofcourse without it also, I will not be reaching out to you.
Haven acknowledged its obvious pluses, I still will not fail to emphasize again that we be watchful and careful, so we don't give our lives away through it. And when you're 'Browsing' like we call it, always remember;
And to that select section of my audience, (sufferers of my earlier coined disease/condition), I hope you'll scream OMG! And make a good change, when it dawns on you that you're carelessly throwing away, every second, a vital part of your privacy and hence life.
The Wordsmith™ .
Akogun Olalekan.
Facebook: www.fb.com/akogunolalekan
Twitter: @Olalekanakogun


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