Who Is "You"?

Individuals behave, not in accordance with reality, but in accordance with their perception of reality. How the individual feels about himself or herself is everything, for What you "see" is what you get, and Who you "feel" is who you are.
Self-image is the fundamental key to understanding of human behaviour, for all that he or she ever does or aspires to do will be predicated on it. If you change the self-image, you change the personality entirely, which includes his/her behaviour.
Right from our childhood, each of us have woven an intricate web of self-images which I must say at this point are about 90% responsible for our triumphs and humiliation, thoughts and experiences, losses and wins.
I really don't know if you ever encountered one of the worlds best conducted experiment on this subject matter? Incase you haven't , I'm bringing it before you today.
This was an experiment conducted by a young primary school teacher upon her pupils. With approval from their parents and the school authorities, she told her class that "recent scientific reports had verified that children with blue eyes have greater natural learning abilities than children with brown eyes. Thereafter she made them up with little designs designating them as "Blue eyes" or "Brown eyes", which they hung around their necks. After a week or school work, she found out that the achievement level of the "Brown eyes" group fell measurably, while those of the "Blue eyes" improved significantly. On seeing this result, she then made a startling announcement to the class, She had made a mistake! It was the "Blue eyes" who are the weaker students and the "Brown eyes" the stronger intellectual students. Up went the image of the "Brown eyes" and hence their achievements. Down came the performance of the "Blue eyes". THE POWER OF SUGGESTION at play.
What you suggest to your self, meditate upon and believe, becomes who you would turn out to be. Our self-image dwells at the "subconscious" level of thinking...so, you got to be careful. Though subconscious(notice the carets) it can be controlled, it can be subdued when necessary. You hold unreserved right to control what you think and also what you think of yourself.
No man has ever excelled above the level of his thoughts, just as no man has ever prospered beyond the level of prosperity that he/she could conceive. Even Jesus in his merciful and miraculous works always said whenever he was about to heal a man "Be it unto you according to your Faith(believe).
Friends, what you believe is what you get, you'll get what you believe, and only become what you can conceive. You might not conceive it all at once, but be sure that you get better and positive with your believe of who you are every passing day.
Your self-image can be a very major deterrent to your living a good life. Ofcourse, a man who see nothing good about himself, would see no reason to do anything good to both himself and his environment.
You self-image creates a mental picture of who you are, and hence translates into a physical picture of who you truly are or would become. "AS A MAN THINKETH IN HIS HEART, SO IS HE".
What you think about yourself(self-image) goes a long way to determine your choices, which eventually accumulates to become your life. THE LIFE OF A MAN IS AN ACCUMULATION OF HIS CHOICES.
Talking self-image here is not talking pride or a low-self esteem, talking self-image as it is here is talking about knowing who you are, learning of who you believe you are, who you want to be, and working towards its fulfillment. My talking self-image thus means painting to yourself a picture of who you think you are, and believing that it is what others see too.
Though at times some don't see and can't see the picture you're trying to paint before their eyes. Never mind, ITS NOT ABOUT WHAT THEY SEE, BUT WHAT YOU SEE. You keep painting the picture and living its appearance, in no distant time, things will become too real for a sane mind to ignore or dis-believe its existence.
What is it again you call yourself?
A slow learner, A bad cook, A born loser, Unlucky, Nothing ever works for me, Good things end before its my turn, This is the best I can be, A bad lover/ friend, An unforgivable sinner, Condemned......etc
Note: Everyone of us is controlled by these mental pictures we have formed or are forming. WE CANNOT OUTGROW THE LIMITS WE PLACE ON OURSELVES...Its our Life-controlling Mechanism.
Hence my wonderfully carved controversial caption
"Who is "You"?"
...I'll explain thus;
"You" is you(John, Tunde, Bola, Taiwo, Kunle, Chidiebere, Uwa, Effiong, Bala, Bawa, Koffi, Uwak, Aisha, Sulieman....),
Think Great, Think Positive!
The Wordsmith.
(C) 2012.


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