Life; Like Santa's Bag.

Life; like Santa's bag, so full of surprises
You never can tell which draws bring you the prizes
Off course for sure you know they all come with their prices
From dawn to dusk and back to where the sun rises
We labour and work striving to pay our taxes
In transit from here to there, many a times without taxis
So sad, life comes hard on us sometimes with such axes
Today I'm forced to write, looking at how life & time passes
Not talking about the earth in physical, don't go looking its axis
More of what the talk is today is life, its us and all its lapses
Its true i can't dispute it that life has got its classes
So sad i feel the pain of those down bellow the classes
Such is life, some celebrate, clinging for toast their glasses
While some have got nothing to show for life than clear white plastics
A rich man's world decorated with cars of the best chassis
Little can you expect down bellow from those they call the masses
Without escape from the topic, yes! Santa's bag has got surprises
Only life has got the explanations to how the draws suit the upper classes
Like quadratics this puzzles call for what i call drastics
Just as some have concluded that never again will they take chances
And when the time for draws appear again, they better will steal the boxes
But like curses, its not about the words spoken, but the spirit that passes
Santa's bag itself asides surprises has got its own tactics
If you'll permit me, i'll quickly take you on a journey to the basics
Santa's bag is packed by santa AND THAT'S THE BASIS
He knows what and what he carries, even up to the bag's bases
Owning reserved rights to guide us as we dip & scramble to make our choices
So patient he looks on allowing every man his own turn while he gazes
Without getting me wrong, santa's bag ain't a bag of misfortune but mysteries and that's what the case is
People often pick not exactly their desires in most cases
It is expected by men that they'll pick a different gift from every dip as they journey through life's phases
Sadly, they picked again what they needn't, OMG! I can see the anguish, its written all over their faces
Life O Life they cry, "what is this you've brought to me? " Its so bad, so very bad that i can't face it!
It hurts me real bad, how funny and cunning life could be, sometimes i wish within me i could tell life to go places!!!
But everytime I think about Christmas and its reason, I believe God again is kind and able enough to FIX IT.
The Wordsmith™
Merry Xmas!


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