"Even If"

The journey of life isn't and can never be smooth all the time. Ever since the fall of Adam, man embarked on a journey of the smooth, the rough and the ugly.
Time and chance happens to them all, so said The Preacher, leaving me with the understanding that even in the midst of the rough, some will find grace to walk smooth.
There's this preparedness in the heart of 'the wise', that makes him know things may not go exactly as he's got it in plan. But a winning spirit that lies deep within him quickens him to know and believe that no matter how off-plan events may go, it'll all come to converge in the end at a point called "Good".
Something deep from deep inside of him cries out in the face of challenge, a simple phrase, a believing one, that winning phrase, its called "EVEN IF".
Even if the road now is rough, I'll eventually drive through and find my way home.
That's the spirit, the one of positivity, the one that helps you see through the present state of things, and helps you look forward to what you believe will be.
...See, even if you don't believe this and yet remain pessimistic, you'll soon get bored of being on that wrong side, and find a reason to see things differently like a miracle would just happen. There you go, now optimism has been born out of you in the end.
In the face of the very worst of situations, you'll find a reason to pull through, if in your mind's background there's that big template displaying for you, and against that situation "Even If".
The battle here is one against pessimism, because "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".
The language of optimism has got in its vocabulary the phrase "Even If" ,to battle the inevitable turbulence, and down-sides of life which are more than capable to construct a pool of pessimism inside a man, from which he draws to respond to situations he encounters as he journeys on in life.
I must be quick to note here that:
1) Both optimism and pessimism are built unconsciously within, by the things we feed our minds with from without.
2)Optimism is not all that you need to get it right in life, but it is the pivot to getting the other things you'll need to accompany it. For if at first you don't believe it can ever be, you'll never find a reason to work at it.
3)The phrase "Even If" can be a good tool in the hands of a bad handler(pessimist) who can turn it around for every negative use.
4) A positive believe can only be borne out of a positive encounter, you can't keep being with those that discourage you, and think you'll ever be inspired.
5)There's a force, we call Him God, yes ofcourse, He is He. The force of optimism, the one who himself declared that "With Him, All things are possible". You've got to find him if your optimism will yield fruits.
Remember at the start, I mentioned a phrase, "Time and Chance happens to them all". Time and Chance are so personified, they're not words, they're are a person, God himself is Time, the same Him is the Chance that happens to them all. Its no preaching, its simply the truth.
Take sometime to construct your best "Even If" sentence, then work, Believe, and Live by it. I've done mine, and right here it is;
Even if I can't watch on that day, the playback of my life from start, at the showing of the closing scenes, Lord let even Angels leave their post to come watch me star in that movie titled "And The Lord Showed Mercy". #Deep
The Wordsmith.
(C) 2012.


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