The Other Side of "NO"

No: (Definition); Indicating that the answer to a question is negative, the statement etc made or course of action or conclusion arrived at is not correct or satisfactory, the request or command will not be complied with, or the negative statement made is correct. (Ref; Oxford Dictionary.) The sound and appearance of the word "NO" no doubts at first glance depicts denial or refusal. It is a known fact to many that the word "NO" (in answer) is often a negation of what is desired or expected. The norm in fact, is that after a "NO" comes a frown, a sigh, a look of dejection and in deeply heartbreaking cases, a tear drop. Over the years, the inability of handling the word "NO" has chattered a lot of dreams, and sent many to their early graves, leaving some turned into orphans, widows and widowers at quite an early age. In life, the "NO" situations are inevitable. But the man who has prepared himself for them is the man who is set to overcome and go beyond the "NO", and launch into this whole new experience which I'll be bringing to you in a minute or two. It please me to announce to you that this much feared word has got two sides; The one side that brings you down, makes you turn your back against your ambitions, and fills your heart with disappointment that breeds sorrow. The often unrecognised other side is that one that makes you wear a smile, nod your head gently, focusing your eyes on your aspirations, urging you to walk straight ahead in the pursuit of your set goals. Here we are, and into the big revelation I go, straight into this journey to reveal; THE OTHER SIDE OF “NO”. Many would have become great men if they laid their hands on this secret early enough. Many would still be living, if they had someone introduce this mystery to them. An imbalance understanding of the word "NO" during times of expectation is a cheat on any mans dream. Every "NO" situation places before you two choices, either to take it raw as delivered, in full compliments of refusal, denial and outright negativity, OR Listen to the brilliant, bright other side of "NO" that gently whispers into your heart and ears, "NOT OVER". This is it, the mystery revealed. The heart that contains this, I tell you, is the heart set to break grounds and do exploits. Inspiration is fuel for your spirit, body, and soul. The more you feed your mind with positivity, the more of it your life will produce. A "NO" is not a warrant of death. A "NO" is not the ultimate conclusion of any matter. A "NO" at a time doesn’t not equate to a "NO" every time. A "NO" has got another side (Not Over), visible only to the inspired soul. I think I’ll be safe to believe that you’re already thinking back in a bid to get a redress for the moments when you saw "NO" from just one imbalanced side which made you give up on a certain dream. That is it, that exactly is the first step to getting yourself up and fired, poised more than ever before to get on with achieving your abandoned goals. Friend, as you continue in the journey to greatness, treading and staying hopeful on the paths of expectation, be quick and smart enough to remember this; “When next you’re replied with the word "NO", know that this word has got 2-distinct sides, with each one of them capable of influencing the final outcome of your endeavour.” Choose Positive, Stay positive, Live positive, and Be positive. ….It is/was a “NO”, I know, but let its message to you now be known! The Wordsmith (C) 2012.


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