The END, The Matter.

I've got a feeling you'll call odd!
Sometimes I ask myself "what are we still doing here?"
And when will end meet this world? 'Cos its been rolling and keeps on, like its never going to stop.
It should have ended with the flood!
I said to myself, as I read through The Book.
It didn't end with the flood, centuries have come and gone, to be precise we're living in the 21st and there's still no clear end.
Maybe we'll end it with a 'sword'!
But I tell you, we're not the first, for some have thought this way before.
Infact, if the world will war, then its going to be the third.
The mass of us are getting really bored!
I do not blame if we do, ofcourse there's nothing new under the sun.
And all we see now are replicas of things witnessed here before.
I want to see this ball get stopped!
There's a lot hanging out there, and without this stop, they'll never come.
By now you're feeling I've been blurred!
Thinking an end for this world was the last t you thought I'lld write of.
We'll end it up with a massive shed of blood!
So some thought, designing bombs, plotting to clear us all at once.
It couldn't work and will never work, from the volumes that I read there's only one with the End Plan; He made all things, they called Him God.
If I end it, I must be God!
But facing reality now, I'm just his handiwork, only wishing in my head, wanting him to push the button "Stop".
So many clashes have been Spurred!
Many religions, many gods, everyone claiming his is God.
Only the end can reveal, only the end will clear the air.
The pivot reason for my call, all these confusion has got to stop.
There's much aggression still to be poured!
With every clan scheming the other's fall.
There's no common position to stand upon, and the only one we held as one, some have come to fault, saying there's no God.
The end must come and it shouldn't be long!
I smell a breakdown, a universal crisis,...a fall.
The earlier the better, the quicker the easier.
"The battle of the worlds can only be salvaged by the end of the world".
"He's taking the quitters position" so some will say.
"Why can't we work things out?" many ofcourse must by now be saying.
The things I see are far deeper than me, as the world I see today is fast spent than we that live in it.
Would not dabble into the business of giving dates like some fools did before, they failed to believe; the time and day no one knows but God.
All I want is that we behold reality at last, all I desire is that the truth of the matter be revealed before the eyes of all.
Those who saw and knew genuinely couldn't live with us for eternity. Their own bit they did for you and me, by putting a whole lot of things into writing so they could save a cold war, a war capable of bringing the world and its people to its very end.
Did they succeed?
Did it work out as planned?
Has it turned out to be the root cause of our divisions?
Did some being adulterate the original manuscripts?
Are all those that claim to be God really him?
Many questions in the air, questions that culminate to birth the situation on ground today.
Now its looking even more daisy, a common ground is not likely to be.
...Don't you go there! Don't even mention World Peace. That an elusive dream, one that will never be.
You'll only get me laughing, laughing again to stupor.
Believe me there's no point, no, not without the coming of the Prince of Peace.
The Wordsmith
(C) 2012.


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