Jesus Cleared The Temple, but THE TRADERS ARE BACK!!!

"If Nigeria and the world at large ever crumbles, I'll hold the Religious leaders responsible". Already, my heart is crumbled and daily I lose faith in these leaders who have chosen to lead without looking back. I really don't want you mixing things up here, "Leading without looking back" does not in this case mean they've got a relentless effort or zeal to lead us well. It so sad that it means that ; they have chosen to lead without looking back to see, feel or identify with the sufferings of those following behind them, just as long as they are "making it BIG". The church while I was growing used to be the citadel of morals and values, with clerics being epitomes of discipline, love, passion and care for their followers. But sadly, here are the days where the desire for material things have clouded the eyes of our leaders., and many are out only to exploit their fold. I do not want to castigate anyone, nor accuse directly, but these happenings are getting clearer in the public view with every passing day. I know you know the sequence and infact you've heard the latest. But like I said I'm not here to sound the meanest. I've got questions to ask, I've got views to share but for the sake of my medium, I'll not be too one-sided to conclude what I feel as true. I know quite well if "They" were asked reasons why they chose to thread this uninspiring path, they'll have their own sides of the story to tell. But I tell you, gradually DISCIPLES ARE LOSING FAITH as it gets clearer by the day that nobody really cares about them, but what they(these spiritual leaders) can get from individual pockets. Its confusing, everything and everywhere has turned into a business venture, even the most sacred tabernacle is/has metamorphosed into a market, even a stock exchange. Poor church members are cajoled to path with their hard earned money, exploitation has now become the other of the day. The Traders Are Back, its so obvious now. We can barely differentiate a cleric from a regular business man. The quest for fame, affluence and influence has led these spiritual leaders to losing their modesty. If I remember correctly, the scriptures stated clearly in Philipians 4:5 "Let Your Moderation Be Known To All Men". These days , I see no moderation, everything is now done in excess. A show off I call it, a competion it has become. Sadly, this once peaceful and modest place is fast turning in to a market, little wonder every Tom, Dick and Harry want to run a personal ministry. I remember Jesus in the Holy Bible clearing the temple, getting rid of those who have turned it into a market place. When I look at what we've got today, I think Jesus again has got to do some more whipping and clearing because ; THE TRADERS ARE BACK!!! Many centuries ago, the work of cleansing was done in the temple, an act many still see up till date as the only aggressive action of our Lord Jesus. As I grew in the Spirit, I understood what He felt and quickly I unlearnt what I had in my head while I was much younger in the Faith. Now I praise Him for a mighty wisdom He applied, I can only imagine what things would have if He never took that step. Right now, I see things that should be unheared, and hear things that are so uncalled for. *The Church was not instituted for business, rather for soul winning and discipleship. *The Church was not instituted for amassing of wealth, rather for sharing them with the poor and needy. *The Church was not founded to serve and worship the pastor, leader or what have you, rather for the leader to lead them to worship the One and only true God. *The Church was not constituted to meet the leaders need at the detriment of the followers, rather it used to be the other way round. The Church is losing its focus if not lost completely already. It used to be a place where people get deliverance, now sadly, its becoming a place where we get into more bondage, spiritual servitude, pastoral worship and eye-service, doctrinal bondages, to mention a few. I refuse to be myopic to conclude or generalize as if there are still no Correct, Standing, Sound Churches left here, I must quickly say here ,that a few still got The FIRE of the Spirit burning in them. But sadly, they are now in the minority. When Jesus cleared the temple, there were three categories of people present there i.e The Sellers, The Buyers, and The Market Crowd. It is expedient to note that none of these 3 would function effectively without the other. Now my challenge to you as you read is ; What Role Are You Playing In This?" The earlier we discovered, the better for us, for when the master comes. To whip and clear, He'll do the same to every category. Abstaining from the Church is not what I'm preaching here, but detaching the/from a rottening branch is what am saying here. Who is the church? We are! Who Pollutes the Church? We are! Who Encourage the decadence? We are! Who will partake in the heaviest punishment? The leaders (Because they should know more than turn the House of God into a market place). A clarion call to all, the change lies with us, and infact we are the change itself! The situation of the church in Nigeria and the world at large is fast turning into a market place, and am afraid, a second whipping and clearing is at hand. I write only these few words, but will speak extensively if I am called to do so on this topic, because truly; Jesus Cleared the Temple, but THE TRADERS ARE BACK!!! -The Wordsmith (C) 2012.


  1. Anonymous10:21

    U'r leaving us with too many guesses. It would help if you would be a lil specific or at least narrow down a bit.

  2. I'ld want to say , there's no need to guess cos we know those peeps. If truly there source of wealth is from the congregation, then we need to pray for them, buh I know some few leaders who are real estates investors. If there means of livelihood is from those businesses , then I am not against them

  3. I understand quite well where the wordsmith is going. Many of our highly celebrated ministers of the word have become ministers of the world, chasing after luxury. Spending hard earned money of members personal wealth ammasing instead of meeting the needs of the poor and needy.

  4. Anonymous14:04

    Hmmmn. Fairest Lord Jesus!, have mercy on us.

  5. gbade14:14

    Its true self, what is a Bishop doing with 4 or 5 private jets? Is he going to float an airline carrier? O

  6. Well in as much as I don't or won't ascribe to pastors living in poverty.. I just feel being SENSITIVE to your environment is KEY. For example if I can afford a Rolls Royce and every 1 around me rides a bike or doesn't even have a means of transportation to themselves,I will opt for a bike or a less expensive car.
    Secondly We as Disciples also share the blame if Reports reaching me were true that the members bought the Air craft! Is there no other way of celebrating the Man? Fine they had the money but I bet u.the LGA where the church is situated might be nothing to write home about!
    This is just my PERSONAL Opinion.Thank u

  7. Everyone's opinion here is well respected. I have only touched the peripherals, there's a whole lot to highlight and discuss on this subject matter. Another revolution must come, 'cos The Traders Once Flushed Out of The Temple Are Back! And are sadly now, The Lords of The Temple.

  8. An Igbo adage says "the day you wake up is your morning"..good morning Nigeria!


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