What Next?

Show me the man who's contented with what he's got and doesn't want more, and I'll show you a man lying in a coffin. The wants and needs of man are so insatiable and inexhaustible, and the realisation of one dream one births the question "What Next?". No matter how high a goal you set for yourself, No matter how tall an ambition you're nursing, No matter how unbelievable the dream you've got, No matter how unthinkable the vision you see, The day you lay hold of it, you'll get to confirm my paradox that ; THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SATISFACTION. It defies logic to know that the word satisfaction never existed in the dictionary of mankind, as the poise to get more always override his sense of satisfaction and contentment. Even at the peak of his career, he wants more, he wants to try something else, he wants to be something new, he just never gets enough. Don't get things twisted here, I'm not condemning who we are, follow me carefully and see I'm only exposing what we are. The sides from which you'll see this, will go a long way in either making you a fighter, a goal getter, a contented man, or at its extreme, a quitter (not my original intention). Follow me quickly, let's paint a little picture of what this really is. When you were in Primary 1, success to you was getting promoted to primary 2. When you got to high school, success became a matter of passing your 6th grade papers. When you got into college,success again transformed and became getting your bachelors degree. At every point in life, success will mean different things to you. Who knows? Maybe there just isn't a thing like ; "A Successful Man" because, until the day his breath seizes, he'll always be aiming at getting one thing or the other. Constructively, this advice will go to all. Don't go feeling like a king when you've met a goal, but be wise and good enough to yourself to ask if that goal will be enough to win you "The Match". So, with every height attained, and every dream of yours that comes true, be forward thinking enough to ask ; What Next? Note: WHAT YOU THINK IS ENOUGH TODAY, MIGHT NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF TOMORROW. Do good to be a fighter and never a quitter or a mediocre settling for less, because even when you think you're satisfied with the height you've attained, its only a matter of time before you realize you'll be needed something more! The Wordsmith, Akogun Olalekan. (C) 2012.


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