Passed down from our fathers , chains and chains of years age. Kept with the uttermost of care, secured with lives of men who fought a thousand and one battles to keep it strong ,longing and hoping to pass it on .From generations to generations they kept it on ;FOREFATHER to GRANDFATHER; GRANDFATHERS to FATHERS; FATHERS to CHILDREN ,on and on they kept the flow. A Substance, What substance? A Vision, What vision? A Treasure, What treasure? Issues we will trash as we go on. The present did not birth the past , the past birth the present, leaving the Faith of the birth of the Future in the hands of the present .We all live in a world passed down, the original substance getting changed with every line of the chain .It is a clear fact I need not emphasise, we own the coming world a pass down of what we’ve GOT .Crude or Refined we can’t but pass it on because today we live, and tomorrow we cease to exist again. The Faith of a generation lies now in the hands of a chosen few, but now “If the foundation be destroyed, then what can the righteous do? It is only normal to give what you’ve got, it becomes a misnormal to want give what you have not. At this point in this discussion, let’s evaluate what we’ve got and to appreciate what we’ve got, we need to estimate what we’ve LOST. Without trying to bleed our heart ;list these things weeping form our HERITAGE now LOST. But where did it go? A silent question you would ask your HEART, maybe it’s gone with the wind of time, a deceptive answer, not speaking the entire TRUTH. We threw it all a way when trode the path RIPPED our HEART APPART. We lost it bit by bit, as we did the things brought from the pit. A HERITAGE guarded and kept from then, see how careless a specie of men we are as we make choices that leaves it all to blow away. Our VALUES and CULTURE once held in high esteem have now become a thin we all kick with the feet. Gone are those days when we cut our nails even with our teeth; but now are the days when we grow the nails as claws, sourcing for things that turns the man the more into a beast. The Craze for FAME and ACCEPTANCE has led us to trade our Heritage; Morals decadence is now the order of day. In our society today, almost everything {CULTURE, morals, VALUES, etiquette, METHODS…} have been turned upside down. Now we find a reason for every of our ills, we give excuses for every of our wrongs. A Youngman wears his mothers vest (“TOP”) and calls it VOGUE. Save us, what is vogue about a thing that paints and labels you a ROGUE? Oh! Mother heritage, we’ve lost you somewhere. Oh! Sanity return to our world and make things right again .Gone were days when a child’s actions were pre-empted by information well passed down by her parents, but here are days where nobody wants to be labelled as still taking instructions, as the normal slogan of our age now is ”I HAVE MY OWN VIEWS”. Of course you do, but the question is where did you get it from? And why is it in total isolation from the morals and values handed down to you. Almost every facet of our lives has been corrupted by this menace, young and old, black and white, we all seem to now have it as part of our DNA complex. I never thought its an urgent matter for this age until my little 3 years old cousin pulled down his trouser below the waist flaunting his inners saying;” uncle see me, I’M WAGGING(sagging he meant). Quickly my heart skipped and head knocked. I could not help but pull his trouser up to the normal level, sadly he pulled it down again after every puling up I did, and kept on crying I want to wag! I want to wag!! . Oh! Goodness, look what we’ve done to ourselves and the on coming generations. There’s a great need to find this lost heritage, a clarion call to all, our society is on the verge of being rid of sanity. Every circles have been touched; academics, socials, cultural, religious and so on. Before we got to this point, the world sought help from the church, but today even the church is worst hit. Back to the basis, our cry and plea, we all have lost something and all must admit it. And to trace it; Children, go back and sit with your mothers and fathers Parents, go back and review the history of sanity Parent and children alike, respect our culture and values And most importantly, we all must return to the “Ancient Path”, the travellers manual we have all neglected, the truth of which we have all ignored, and the result it is we are manifesting today. Go back to the Book of the law Joshua 1:8. And when you do wrong, Just remember,” But from the beginning it was not so”. What we do today is only a product of our wild imaginations. BACK TO THE BASICS our cry and plea for this generation. Akogun Wordsmith Olalekan (C) 2012.


  1. Anonymous23:51

    Wow.. nice inspirational write up brah..
    Its me: @JAYT33MON3Y ur boi


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Anonymous15:09

    Almost in tears here, no many things has gone wrong and it seems der can never be a cure... A saying say's it begins with you, but how can a YOU stand in d mist of dis changing generation who has sold out there heart to the conformity of this world. Humm... My heart cries out!! Oh!! I wish we would all turn back 2 d acient landmark and re-trace our steps. God bless u bro, u really touched me. Pls let d whole world c dis and change lives by the PEN.
    Your bro onipinla tunde(nifes lautech)

  4. Your comments are highly appreciated Tunde. God help us all.


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