TWO persons, a commercial motorcyclist and his passenger, were crushed by a train at Akobo area of Ibadan on Sunday.
According to eyewitnesses, who put the time of the incident at around 10.00 a.m, the engine driver of the train did not hoot to alert people that the train was approaching.
Nigerian Tribune  was further told that the iron bar erected to prevent vehicles, motorcycles and people  from crossing whenever train was passing had not been functioning for almost two years.
It was gathered that the passenger who had taken his labouring pregnant  wife to the hospital  on Sunday, left the hospital and consequently chartered the okada to take him to a particular place he would collect some money needed for his wife’s delivery.
According to the people, the okada’s front wheel had climbed the rail line before they noticed the approaching train which hit both of them on  the okada  resulting in their death.
After the policemen at Akobo Police Division had been alerted, their corpses were taken away by people suspected to be relations of the victims at 3.00 p.m.


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