What on earth,or underneath it could we say is the matter with a man having a plate of food placed before him by the waiter, but instead of eating,he continues soloquizing; I'M HUNGRY, I'M SO HUNGRY,how do i get food!
Hmmn! A problem of sight many 'll say, Fear of his belly, or maybe its just Share mischiveousness many concluded.
In anywhichway you may want to see it,i think his major problem is that WORRY has gotten into his head.
(worry is being anxious or unhappy about something so that you think about it a lot,and lose yourself).
"Which of you by worrying can add a cubit to his height?" so the Bible says in Matt 6 vs 27.
Let me put a pause to it on this note,worrying will get no man nowhere,the more your worry,the 'crazier' you become.
Ooops! Have i left you without a solution? No, its all there, Matthew 6 vs 25-34 has spoken it all. THAT PROBLEM WAS ON EARTH EVEN BEFORE YOU EXISTED,and you'll surely leave it there again if you die worrying.I'm not asking you to be comfortable with your problems,but worrying adds even more.Pls learn from the Master's counsel,and find rest for your soul.
Akogun Olalekan (c)2009


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