10 Types of “Creatures” In Your WhatsApp Group

Which are you?
WhatsApp groups and their complexities, uniqueness and craze. There is no amount of words to describe the absurdity. They're fun, they're serious, they're up, they're done and they're mostly completely random...  We all belong to at least one category, even if we may not want to admit it. You will most definitely find these kinds of people in almost every Whatsapp group, no matter how hard you deny it. 1. Master of Irrelevancies There's always someone in the group who sends all the memes, videos, BCs, etc he/she sees that day. They send them in no particular order, and once we get tired and hit at them, they hide under the "you don't know who might be needing it" gist. We all know it's not going to be their last one no matter how hard we cry... 2. The Error Voicenote Dude There's always one person who's constantly sending voice notes, either because he or she is too lazy to type or accidentally. I don't mind voice notes, but w…

Pull Out!!!

"1. Arguments going beyond 15mins, especially when they don't improve your economic value, #PullOut
2. 30mins gone, trying to convince someone of a matter, especially when it doesn't affect your continuous existence/living, #PullOut
4. Debating religious doctrines and/or actions of supposed clerics, especially when you know it's your life to live, and your prerogative to face the "Great White Throne" as an individual, #PullOut
5. Years gone living another man's life, trying to please some persons/group, to the detriment of your own joy, #PullOut
6. Forever long in evil, too scared to face the repercussions of quitting. Just know life's time & chance and that death is once, #PullOut
7. Read from 1-6 and still can't comprehend fully/at all, nor are you fired-up to take the bold step? don't you #PullOut, read again!" -TW™ 

Some things are not just worth it, yet it's observed that we spend, not even invest so much of our time in them. I hav…


"I try to think enough, but end up thinking only a lot." This one mistake, a million and one humans are and continuously guilty of. The ideas and in fact meanings of the words "A lot" and "Enough" ordinarily cannot be interchanged.  The one speaks quantity, while the other speaks 'volumes'; Quantity and Quality, Abundance and Adequacy, Plenty and Sufficiency. See, that a thing is done many times and over, would not necessarily translate to being done enough, That it is in abundant supply, would not automatically depict that it's sufficient. I know your eyebrows are raised by now and you are gearing up to argue out the aforementioned with me, but just before you do, I'll ask you, have you looked up these words really? Have you a grammatical idea (let's pipe down a little on the psychology of the words for now) of them? To be ABUNDANT/A LOT means; "To have in great quantity, extent or degree". Oh yes, yes! that seems fine, but hello, it …

CAUTION!!! A Dozen Bad Smartphone Habits You Should Stop Immediately!

Smartphones are getting increasingly expensive by the day. It would cost from about N25,000 - N600,000 to get a smartphone today, and hence care is of the essence.
Paying attention to your smartphones cannot be overemphasized, as they have now become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.
It is no gainsaying that a couple of us carry in our hands' smartphones that sometimes have proven to be smarter than us, owing to the fact that we often do not explore appropriately the many functions and possibilities of these mobile devices. As for a few who do the aforementioned, they sadly and most often than not, overdo it.
Mobile phone users have over the years developed some bad to dangerous smartphone habits. habits both injurious to the user and the phone alike. Many complain of malfunctioning phones, but hardly know they are the causes of these malfunctions.

1. Draining Battery Completely:
Don’t wait for your phone battery to drain completely, charge it periodically to make your battery …


You do think I screamed up there? The burden to get the message across to you maybe? Disagreement is natural and inevitable. People like to argue. But no matter how hard we try to resolve disputes through rational discourse, sometimes we may still disagree about important issues. One response to this predicament is simply to agree to disagree. But should the mere fact that disagreement lower our confidence in our views? Should we change how we judge our own beliefs when we realize that other people disagree? Or do we only have reason to doubt our beliefs when we learn that experts disagree with us?George S. Patton, a war veteran, and Senior Officer of the United States Army once said; "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." In life, stirring the proverbial pot can be a good thing. And while negotiating these matters can be challenging, especially when they involve our colleagues or bosses, differences in opinion will often lead to progress.  The most i…

I Know You Know

. . . "You know am sick of this country; You know the only thing that keeps me going now is the understanding #God isn't a wicked god after all; You know the good life we ought to be living is now only available in the "BLACK MARKET" where you have to buy it for triple or even quintuple the rate; You know all we do here is "make believe", we're all actors in this game called life and country called #Nigeria; You know we struggle so hard in this country, you know; You know the rich are actually poor, and the poor are actually doomed; You know we're thinking #2019 is a joke, but it's not; You know we are fond of thinking we'll always survive, but someday we won't; You know we don't take posts like this so serious, it doesn't even have a naked girl in it; You know there's really nothing you can do to fix Nigeria than vote and live wisely, you know; Yo know the weather now is AC resistant, and it's like you're being bar…

17 Bad Habits You Need To Kill To Be More Successful In 2018

Finally take control of your destiny by deleting the negative habits that have been dragging you down.
Many of you will resolve to start a new positive habit in 2018. Adding good habits can be fun, but unfortunately (most of the time), they don't work. Approximately 38 percent of Nigerians will make resolutions, and only 8 percent will succeed.
Instead of adding a new diet or workout regime, let's remove the negative habits that have been holding you back.
1. Kill your habit of checking social media during the workday Social media platforms are masters of making you stay there. Getting lost in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc can be fun, but it's counterproductive during the day–especially while you're trying to build that presentation for your investors.
Now that we're on the subject, turn off the notifications on your phone, too. You can check your Snaps on your break.
2. Kill your habit of thinking it's all about you Your frowning boss isn't conspiring …